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Vecchi Group International, LLC (VGI) provides unique consulting and training solutions. VGI-Consulting provides Threat Assessment and Expert Witness services. VGI-Training provides a wide range of Tactical Conflict Resolution (TCR) solutions. Our delivery methods include seminar and class formats, as well as keynote presentations at conferences and management retreats.  

Our experts provide real world solutions to the private, corporate, and public sectors. Our client base includes business, law enforcement, military, and intelligence professionals. VGI is legal to function in classified environments (up to Top Secret). VGI is eligible for U.S. federal government contracts and assistance awards via the System for Award Management (SAM), DUNS 079537710/CAGE code 795F0. 


Gregory M. Vecchi, Ph.D., retired from the FBI in February 2014 after 29 years of combined service in the military and as a federal agent. During his career, Dr. Vecchi investigated Russian organized crime, international drug trafficking, international and domestic terrorism, and violent crime. Dr. Vecchi was formerly the Chief of the FBI’s legendary Behavioral Science Unit and an FBI crisis and hostage negotiator.


Dr. Vecchi and his associates conduct behavior-based research, training, and consultation in behavioral analysis, crisis management, threat assessment, and Tactical Conflict Resolution (TCR). Dr. Vecchi has served as an expert witness in the areas of civil rights, crime scene investigation, police procedures, and use-of-force matters.


Dr. Vecchi is also available to consult and train on business negotiation, hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, interview and interrogation, deception detection, case analysis and investigations, personal protection, and crisis management. Dr. Vecchi is published in many of these areas and he travels around the world to deliver consultation and training solutions. Download Dr. Vecchi's CV here.


Jeff Johnsgaard is a Canadian police officer and Detective Sergeant. Jeff is a Firearms Instructor, Special Team’s member, Specialty Munitions Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, and the lead Scenario Training Instructor for his agency. Jeff has completed several other firearms tactics and instructor courses outside of his agency including several NRA law enforcement schools and other US agency firearms programs. Jeff is the official heir to the Center Axis Relock (CAR) System of gunfighting and is its official certifying authority. Jeff continues to further optimize the CAR System in tactics and in instructional methods. Jeff works on contractual bases for several other companies and agencies in the U.S. and Canada through his company Natural Tactical Systems.

Nathan Fredrickson is a licensed private investigator and partner with EPI Investigations & Risk Management based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His scope of of investigative services includes corporate fraud and background investigations, covert surveillance, risk management, OSHA compliance, and training in the areas of disaster preparedness, active shooter preparedness, situational awareness and de escalation of workplace violence.

Nate currently works with several of the nation’s insurance companies investigating workers' compensation and general liability claims. He also provides investigative and training services to several corporations and organizations in the Midwest. 

Before founding EPI, Nate worked for a national corporation as risk manager and special projects director where he reformed and administered its risk management program (investigating over 800 work comp claims), provided oversight and support for new government contracts, and conducted background research and strategic planning.

Lawrence Sloan is the founder and system head of the DTACT Defensive Tactics and Control Techniques system that has been in use for over 42 years. The system was developed to add to and optimize law enforcement survivability and effectiveness in dealing with non-compliant subjects. 


A Master Instructor in Filipino martial arts with impact and edged weapons, Professor Sloan has provided training to local, state and federal officers and agents, as well as private security agencies, corporations, and private instruction.  Professor Sloan has provided personal protection for celebrities, corporate entities, politicians, and private citizens.

Also, as a private security specialist, he has set up and maintained security forces for corporations and contracted with Federal agencies to protect critical structures for the Union Pacific Railroad, National Animal Disease Labs, TSA recruiting and training, and airline food service companies, etc.  Mr. Sloan has also provided expert witness services for the Native American casinos.

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