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Threat Assessment

We specialize in conducting violence assessments in school and workplace environments using proprietary methodologies derived from FBI behavioral analysis, crisis management, and offender profiling methodologies. We provide detailed analyses and assessments of potentially violent individuals within and outside organizations that include detailed assessments of potential violence and recommended security actions. We also provide instruction in these areas.

Expert Witness Services


Dr. Vecchi provides expert witness services to attorneys and other professionals in the areas of criminology, criminal justice, and policing with a specific focus on threat assessment, police procedures, interviewing and interrogation, confirmation bias, and use-of-force. Dr. Vecchi is registered as an expert witness with the Expert Institute and TASA.


Tactical Conflict Resolution

We specialize in developing pre-emptive problem-solving skills for resolving conflict using proprietary methodologies derived from FBI hostage negotiation and behavioral analysis methodologies. Tactical Conflict Resolution (TCR) is our unique approach to developing confidence in the execution of personal protection skillsets that are scalable for use in both verbal and physical altercations with an emphasis on dealing with difficult, dangerous, and disordered individuals. We provide customized training in the following areas:

  • TALK

    • De-escalation​

    • Crisis intervention

    • Tactical negotiation


    • Defensive tactics and control techniques​

    • Defense against blunt and edged weapons


    • Use-of-force/judgment shooting​

    • Defensive Firearms

    • Concealed Carry

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