International Tactical Conflict Resolution Alliance (ITCRA)


The International Tactical Conflict Resolution Alliance (ITCRA) is the accrediting and certification authority for the TCR System. All who wish to become certified as a practitioner or instructor in any of the subcomponents of TCR must be members in good standing.



The Tactical Conflict Resolution (TCR) System is a comprehensive method for dealing with verbal and nonverbal conflict situations. TCR seamlessly integrates situational awareness, avoidance, negotiation and de-escalation, unarmed combatives, armed combatives, and firearms within the 0-6 foot range. This is the high-threat range where conflict is up-close-and-personal.

TCR is composed of two divergent but complementary areas: communication and weapons. These areas represent a continuum for dealing with conflict. The communication side represents success through the use of “voluntary influence”, which uses negotiation skills to influence and persuade behavioral change. The weapon side represents success through the use of “involuntary influence”, which uses physical skills to force behavioral change when negotiation fails or is not an option. TCR is applied through Situational Awareness Assessment (SAA), which is used in determining physical and psychological threats to a person's safety and needs.


  • Situational Awareness Assessment

  • Communication

    • Negotiation

    • De-Escalation

    • Crisis Intervention

    • Interviewing/Interrogation

    • Deception Detection

  • Unarmed Combatives

    • Contemporary JKD Rapid Assault Tactics​

  • Armed Combatives

    • Latosa Escrima​ Impact Weapon Tactics

    • Contemporary JKD Edge Weapon Tactics

  • Firearms

    • Center-Axis Relock​ Courses

    • NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Courses

    • NRA Handgun Instructor Certifications

    • NRA Handgun Courses


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